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ভাত কেৰেলা পিতিকা (Mashed Spine-gourd)

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Bhaat Kerela/Spine gourd (Momordica dioica) –  250 gm
Potato –  100 gm
Mustard oil –  2 tbsp
Small Onion –  one
Green chilli –  one
Salt to taste  


Remove outer spiny rind of the spiny gourd. Boil it along potato in water. Peel off skin of the potato. Mash the spine-gourd and potato together. Add salt and mustard oil and mix well with the help of a large fork. Garnish with grated onion and chillies. Serve hot.

N.B.: Bitter gourd, plantain, tomato, or olive fruit can also be prepared in a similar marmer with or without potato.

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