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মাছ আৰু বিলাহীৰ টেঙা ১ (Sour Tomato Fish Curry 1)

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Ripe tomatos of regular size –  4 nos (approx. 400 gms)
Local fish (Rohu or Bhakua) –  6 cut pieces
Mustard seeds (for seasoning) –  ¼ tsp
Mustard oil –  2 tbsp
Onion (optional) –  20 gm
Sugar (optional) –  2 tsp
Turmeric powder (Haldi) –  ½ tsp
Water –  3 cups
Coriander leaves  
Salt as required  

Method (Lower Assam style):

Deseed the tomatoes and cut it into small pieces. Put a little haldi powder over it and keep it aside. Heat a frying pan, put some mustard oil, allow the oil to be heated. Fry the fish pieces in the oil one by one. Frying need not be hard. Put the fried fish pieces on a paper napkin to drain excess oil. Put some mustard seeds in the hot oil and chopped onions (optional) in the frying pan and then put the cut tomato pieces into it. Saute it till the water in it evaporates. Put some water over it and allow it to boil. Place the fried fish pieces in the pan with boiling tomato puree. Put some salt according to taste and then some coriander leaves on top for garnishing and turn the heat off. Serve hot with plain rice.

N.B.: The tomato curry thus prepared can be served as tenga and it is sour. To reduce the sourness put a little quantity of sugar, i.e., two tsps, before turning the heat off.

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